quarta-feira, 12 de maio de 2010

What a Day!

What a day! When I first got up in the morning I realized that the day would be “Great”! My hair was really… how can I say? Wild and terribly frizzy. Definitely that couldn’t be a good omen! After I took care of my weird and mysterious hair and turned it to something like a “fine day” of Angelina Jolie’s hair just like in “Pushing Tin”, really spectacular black and straight, the dream of any girl… sorry, I got lost, again. So, after I had “fixed” my hair I caught the bus to school and, in all the confusion of people trying despairingly to find an available seat, some guy poured his orange juice on my blouse. I was so, but so upset, so bored to death that I couldn’t resist. I took a liquid yogurt from my bag and dumped it on his head. All I could see was a boy covered in strawberry yogurt, even his jeans were stained. But, in that moment I wanted so badly to return to the part that I hadn’t soaked him in yogurt yet, because he was quite cute; in fact extremely gorgeous!
Everyone was laughing and making jokes about all that so I, with my face as red as a cherry, “ran” to the exit of the bus and miraculously that was my station! I really started to believe that my guardian angel just woke up a little later that day, but I was so wrong… he had taken a vacation!
I hurried to go to my locker because my blouse was a little transparent and I needed to change. The combination between my mini skirt, my boots and my t-shirt for P.E. is just great! I’m really thinking about dressing this way all the time! Don’t forget that the T-shirt was quite large, yellow and said “Be my Honey” with a huge teddy bear on the back; summarizing, that looked like I came to school with my pyjamas…How sweet, isn’t it?
Finally I went to my first class, French. It’s in moments like that, that I realize how much I love language subjects! While everyone were sitting and arranging their stuff I crossed the room to say “hi” and to tell Layla about my little adventure with Sir Strawberry. When I was saying that he was really cute, Mrs. Hunt told me with her sounding and strident tone that I had to correct all the homework on the board.
I was correcting the 6th exercise about verbs when someone knocks. I was so absorbed in trying to get my exercises right that I ignored the fact that a new student was there and I hadn’t noticed him until Mrs. Hunt asked him why he was late on his first day, why he was all wet and why he was with his P.E. equipment on. All of us were laughing and looking fixedly at him. He quietly said that on his way there a strange, funny pretty girl poured a strawberry yogurt over him after he had accidentally spilt a few drops of juice on her blouse. All the class started laughing good! He also said that the impulsive girl ran off like a crazy girl and then he had to go to the washroom to change his clothes.
The worst thing that could happen, happened! - Sir Strawberry was in my class! Perfect! =)
I was so embarrassed but so angry at the same time that I told him out loud that he hadn’t poured a few drops, he had poured the whole package and next he recognized me: the strange, funny, pretty and crazy girl.
Basically the rest of the day was passed discussing unimportant things like: “a few drops or 1 liter?” Of course that all ended with us exchanging phone numbers, but just to continue the discussion!
Finally when I got home I lay down on my soft and comfortable bed and fell asleep like an angel, or a little devil, I don’t know for sure! Important fact: I just woke up in the next morning.
That was a pretty complicated and tiring day but quite funny after all!
Joana Neves

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